Suddenlink Art Class

So we had a blast creating Dorothy’s shoe at the Cascades with the Suddenlink team. Those folks know how to have a good time,plus there were some very talented painters in the group. I was so impressed with not only their skills but also their great attitudes. I love classes like that! It makes painting so much fun! So here are a few pics …Enjoy!

279 Artisan Trail show pics

It was a beautiful and cool weekend filled with classic cars, amazing artwork and fun. I got to see the new schoolhouse that was moved to Ben Wheeler from Emory. They did an amazing job refurbishing that place! Unfortunately I forgot to take pics of it, but I did get to take full advantage of the upstart car show going on at the same time as the artisan show. I didn’t get many pictures but here are the ones I did get!

Tyler Art Walk- June 2nd

Come take a stroll through Tyler on June 2nd as the downtown stores open their businesses to the Artists of the area. I will be showing my work at Mange Express. You can find a map of the participating stores and more info at the Artwalk website. I will be painting my heart out and answering questions about my upcoming projects. There will be an amazing group of talented artists and performers.

The Artwalk is Saturday, June 2nd from 4-8

Hope to see you there!

Art Walk- Tyler TX- June 2nd

Painting of the week- Pinstripes and rust

Pinstripes and Rust-Kerian Massey
I just finished this painting last night for the art show this weekend. I love painting old rusty cars.

I just finished this painting last night. The man who owns this car refurbished it in a way that preserved the beautiful patina the rust left on the car. He sanded it smooth, just the way it was, so that the paint and rust were level and the he matte clear coated it. After that he pinstriped it and gave it it’s name “Ratrod.” It was love at first sight, from it’s gleaming cherry rims to it’s custom non-paint job.  Coolness encapsulated on 4 wheels.

This will be on display at the Flying Fish gallery and I will also be listing it on my website and Etsy.

More info on the 279 Artisan Trail Art Jam

Second Saturday Art Jam

Mardi Gras Style!

MAY 14, 2011
Shops open 10 a.m.
Dining & Entertainment til 11 p.m.

flying fish art show Fall2010

Bring your masks and beads!

Mardi Gras
Photo by Lee Deforke Jr.

Stop by by and watch me create my next piece de resistance at the Flying Fish gallery.

Artists, galleries, antique shops, garden centers, restaurants, music venues, and more along Farm Road (FM) 279 show off their wares, provide hands-on opportunities for visitors to create art, and demonstrate artist techniques to include knitting, jewelry-making,
coppersmithing, painting on silk, oil figure/portraits, and flame-worked glass.

Live “porch” music throughout the day in both the
Edom and Ben Wheeler downtown areas.

Crawfish Boil with
Zydeco Stingrays, 8-11 p.m., Moore’s Store- Ben Wheeler
Local favorite Tommy Aduddell, 7-10 p.m., The Forge- Ben Wheeler
Tommy Aduddell

Musical storyteller Chuck Brodsky, 7:30 p.m. The Old Firehouse-Edom

Chuck Brodsky

Come Join the Fun!

903.780.7336          903.571.7631

279 Second Saturday Art Jam

It’s gonna be a blast! The music will be going all night!

279 Artisans Trail- Kerian Massey

Second Saturday Art Jam, May 14, 2011

Second Saturday Art Jam, May 14, 2011
2•7•9 Artisans Trail hosts Second Saturday Art Jam, May 14. I will be one of two featured artists at the Flying Fish Gallery. Enjoy art, a crawfish boil and Cajun music jams by the Dallas-Based Zydeco/Cajun band The Zydeco Stingrays! Come check out the show and the towns of Ben Wheeler and Edom. They are becoming great little art meccas in their own right. Hope to see you there!

279 Artisan Trail Logo

Jungle Thug by Kerian Massey
Jungle Thug by Kerian Massey

17th annual El Corazon Exhibit at the Bath House

It was a warmer than usual January evening at the Bath House Cultural Center.  I was excited as this was is my first gallery showing in Dallas. There were tons of people and an enormous buzz to the place. Elbow to elbow, we made our way through the show and found some really amazing art.  There was an a student area for school age kids. I loved it because they even had their explanations of their art written out.

WE had a blast, met some really cool people and enjoyed a really great show. I hope I get to do it again next year!


This is the Carr family from Mieola, they will get thier EHM house tomorrow
This is the Carr family from Mieola, they will get thier EHM house tomorrow

I just finished as a project lead for Extreme Home Makeover, creating a mural in one of the rooms. I am so excited as this family only has one degree of separation from myself, as they are friends with a family friend! I have been told on more than one occasion about how wonderful and deserving they are!
I was thrilled to be asked to take the lead in such a monumental project in such a short time, but with the skilled artists who volunteered, I was blessed from the start. We worked hard, met family members and got to actually see Ty. Our project took a bit longer than expected, but with such a complex thing it wasn’t a surprise. When we were finished, I was just floored.
I got to meet some really wonderful women and expanded my world of cool people to know in east Texas, and I got interviewed by Ty. Who could ask for more? Well, I could. What it all boils down to, is the look on that family’s face when they come into the room. What a wonderful feeling to be a part of something so generous and grand! I could be a full time philanthropist and it would be so wonderful!
If asked to do it again, I would, in a New York Minute!

Commissioned Hot air balloon painting

I am beginning a hopefully long career in the professional artist realm. I am creating a commissioned piece of art for a man in Connecticut. My excitement is somewhat under-whelming. Yes I said it! I am wrought with anxiety as I wonder if will be all he was hoping for. I guess this is the angst you hear about us creative types get. I don’t know. I’m not a brooding character with deep complex meanings behind all my work. Rather, I’m actually rather simple, optimistic and goofy, to be quite honest. So to be so wrapped up in angst over something I’ve already created, and quite well I might add is just bizarre. (The original Balloons over Connecticut, won Best in Show at the Woodstock fair in Connecticut.)
So there it is… I’m worried about a painting I’ve already painted once, and need to paint again. I hope that I can give it the same charm as I did the fist one so he likes it just as much. I’m sure it will all work out and he’ll like it, I think I’ve gotten better over the years, we’ll see…