Finished my painting

Here is the latest added to my collection. I’m not much for words, especially when it comes to promoting my own stuff, but I think this came out really good. I’m hoping that it still reflects me even though it may not be as quirky as some of my other stuff.

Work in progress

Is it like a wedding dress, unlucky to show it before the big day? Or is like watching a plant grow, small changes along the way in attendance for the big day of ripening? When will this cotton duck be ready for the plucking? Take a looksy but please leave only good luck and the hopes for a grand final product.

I referenced about a million pics of hot air balloons and LOVE the look of the morning sun kissing the ground as it rises to meet the day. The shadows it throws are amazing and all the colors just seem to scintillate. I have some buildings to put in before the balloons get painted.

Commissioned Hot air balloon painting

I am beginning a hopefully long career in the professional artist realm. I am creating a commissioned piece of art for a man in Connecticut. My excitement is somewhat under-whelming. Yes I said it! I am wrought with anxiety as I wonder if will be all he was hoping for. I guess this is the angst you hear about us creative types get. I don’t know. I’m not a brooding character with deep complex meanings behind all my work. Rather, I’m actually rather simple, optimistic and goofy, to be quite honest. So to be so wrapped up in angst over something I’ve already created, and quite well I might add is just bizarre. (The original Balloons over Connecticut, won Best in Show at the Woodstock fair in Connecticut.)
So there it is… I’m worried about a painting I’ve already painted once, and need to paint again. I hope that I can give it the same charm as I did the fist one so he likes it just as much. I’m sure it will all work out and he’ll like it, I think I’ve gotten better over the years, we’ll see…