17th annual El Corazon Exhibit at the Bath House

It was a warmer than usual January evening at the Bath House Cultural Center.  I was excited as this was is my first gallery showing in Dallas. There were tons of people and an enormous buzz to the place. Elbow to elbow, we made our way through the show and found some really amazing art.  There was an a student area for school age kids. I loved it because they even had their explanations of their art written out.

WE had a blast, met some really cool people and enjoyed a really great show. I hope I get to do it again next year!


There is something very primal when two people are intertwined creating almost one soul from two. I had a hard time coming up with a good example of passion at first, thinking more about gluttony and fervor. Nothing seemed to reflect passion though, as well as lovers. So here is my basic sketch. In time I will add to it and update it here, but for now it’s in it’s elementary phase.

Into one, we become- Kerian Massey
Into one, we become- Kerian Massey

Next Project:

Link two completely opposite things together in an intriguing way…

I must admit, I’ve got nothing for this one, but I’ll have something by next monday, Jan 10th. Again… please submit your art and I will post it along with mine.