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Creativity is a fickle lover….

Well here I am... perplexed at what to do next... Many artists can doodle till the light bulb whacks them in the head, while others just have moments of glorious inspiration brought on by a piece of chewing gum wrapper. What's up with that?

I on the other hand wander through the unforgiving wasteland that is my brain looking for some oasis, some island of imagination where unicorns and monstrous creatures gather. Most of the time, I just meander and attempt to doodle, but when I look down my art looks more like a puddle of spittle that's laughing at me. I laugh back. I know there will come a moment where that spark will ignite, the oasis will appear, the question is, how do I get there quicker? My smudge balks at me. I shrug and move forward, to my next creative piece. On my journey I see glimmers, ideas wrapped up waiting for me to pull them apart and make something of them. As quickly as I tug, they evaporate.

From here I will start to accumulate inspiration for us who are on our journey, looking for the next great bolt of lightning. An MC Escher illustration might do it, or perhaps a lovely piece from a very creative photographer. I am on a mission to become your muse and in the process perhaps I will find my own light. In this I give us both a small project for the beginning of the year. Post yours here if you'd like, I'd love to see it...

The Project:

Create something that imparts passion, be it an angry face, a splatter of paint, a photo of a kiss a kid eating crayons... anything that spills your idea of passion onto your "canvas" be it photography, sculpture or canvas. In the future, I will ask for projects made from found things, food and just about anything you can be creative with. The deadline is Monday, January 3rd. I will post what I came up with and any that you put up as well. see you then...

rebirth by brooke shaden
rebirth by brooke shadenEscher's puddle

Crayon Eater by James Jean

Crayon Eater by James Jean

So what do we do next? Follow me... I will promise only this... sparks... glimmers of imagination and creativity. There are so many great things that have yet to be created, so many songs not yet written and here we are ready to find it. So here I go...some inspiration to get you going...What inspires you?

Driftwood horse by Heather Jansch

Driftwood horse by Heather Jansch