A time piece

There is a certian mystery to clocks and time. I find watchmakers and timekeepers incredibly astute to the world around them. Thier minds ticking in a rhythmic way, keeping sync with nature, the sun and the stars. There are monuments and instruments that are so precise that error is kept in milliseconds. I’m lucky if I can keep time within quarter hour increments! With all that said, there is also a mysterious beauty to these time pieces.
My next painting will reflect a clockwork of ideas. I hope to wake people to the depth and detail in timekeeping.

San Marco Clock Tower inside, Venice
San Marco Clock Tower inside, Venice

The Edom Festival of the Arts is at Hand…..

This weekend is supposed to be glorious and if we have the turnout that we did last year I will be thrilled! I was invited to fill in last minute, so now I am in a frenzy to get some art done. My paintbrushes are flying and I trying to turn out some new stuff in record time. Please come by and visit, the hours are Saturday Oct 17th from 10-6 and Sunday 11-4. Come peruse and buy something, as there is something for everyone in every price range and even if you are on a tight budget bring a picnic and listen to some great free music!


Extreme Home Makeover episode is set!

Watch me paint a mural for Ty and the gang on Extreme Home Makeover! It is scheduled to air THIS Weekend, Sunday Oct 18th at 7 pm. Please watch as Graffixx paints a room for a very deserving policeman’s daughter.
About two years ago, Carlton was shot in the neck while serving a narcotics search warrant. Severe spinal cord damage was immediate, followed by hearing loss and a stroke. Today, rehabilitation has restored some of Carlton’s mobility but he is still primarily confined to a wheelchair. Health issues also affect the Marshalls’s young daughter Jessica, who began having seizures about a month after Carlton was so severely wounded.
Despite their myriad of difficulties, Carlton and Susan’s big hearts remain open to others as supporters of the nonprofit program TROT, Therapeutic Riding of Texas. The Marshalls hope to modify their horse barn and stables to host TROT sessions, which would also be helpful to Carlton.
So for that, we helped give back to them by doing a mural for their little girl Jessica.
Please tune in and watch on Sunday!

Finished my painting

Here is the latest added to my collection. I’m not much for words, especially when it comes to promoting my own stuff, but I think this came out really good. I’m hoping that it still reflects me even though it may not be as quirky as some of my other stuff.