Extreme Home Makeover Mural will be on soon…

I haven’t received a notification on when it will air but The Extreme Home Makeover Season starts on September 27th and my episode should be one of the first three. I painted a mural in the little girls room and that’s all I can say. There was a team of us, so when I say “I did it” I mean, our company was there and we all participated. I was fortunate enough to be the main artist and actually got to design the room, so my hand was busy in this project. After the show was finished I got my original art signed by the cast of designers including Ty Pennington, so that was pretty cool.
So keep your eyes peeled, the new season starts on Sunday, Sept 27th 8/7c on ABC. The episode is the Marshall family of Lancaster, TX.

Work in progress

Is it like a wedding dress, unlucky to show it before the big day? Or is like watching a plant grow, small changes along the way in attendance for the big day of ripening? When will this cotton duck be ready for the plucking? Take a looksy but please leave only good luck and the hopes for a grand final product.

I referenced about a million pics of hot air balloons and LOVE the look of the morning sun kissing the ground as it rises to meet the day. The shadows it throws are amazing and all the colors just seem to scintillate. I have some buildings to put in before the balloons get painted.

I saw Scott Saw on Twitter

What a cool artist! What else can I say? His stuff speaks to me because it has that same whimsy and darkness that I try to instill in my art, although my stuff tends to fall off the cotton candy truck more often times than not.

Commissioned Hot air balloon painting

I am beginning a hopefully long career in the professional artist realm. I am creating a commissioned piece of art for a man in Connecticut. My excitement is somewhat under-whelming. Yes I said it! I am wrought with anxiety as I wonder if will be all he was hoping for. I guess this is the angst you hear about us creative types get. I don’t know. I’m not a brooding character with deep complex meanings behind all my work. Rather, I’m actually rather simple, optimistic and goofy, to be quite honest. So to be so wrapped up in angst over something I’ve already created, and quite well I might add is just bizarre. (The original Balloons over Connecticut, won Best in Show at the Woodstock fair in Connecticut.)
So there it is… I’m worried about a painting I’ve already painted once, and need to paint again. I hope that I can give it the same charm as I did the fist one so he likes it just as much. I’m sure it will all work out and he’ll like it, I think I’ve gotten better over the years, we’ll see…

Rockport-Fulton, Texas Fishing, a fun place to go…

I wrote a story for the county Line Magazine about this great little area called Rockport-Fulton. They are two towns that share their pride and history. Read about it or better yet, make a trip down there and take a trip with Captain Slick, like Chad and I did. I’ll post the story soon. We had the best time.
Visit Captain Appel’s websiteand see what great time can be had!
(I created the website for him too.)

Call me a chick, cause I like to Twitter

Come visit me on Twitter. Where people rant about their kids, life stories, politics, and or even stupid stuff like, “Hey, I think I’ll post how itchy my nose is!” Where a short attention span is…..

I usually keep my nose itching to myself.

A Work in Progress

I find that life is like a web page… a work in progress. You’re never quite finished even when you think you’ve finally completed something. My paintings are all works in progress, always waiting for more paint and a better idea. Now I’m supposed to write the main article in the February issue of the County Line. I’m no prolific literary prodigy nor should anyone look to me for grammar lessons. I wonder what makes something finished… Endings are scary, when you get to the end of a movie you get mildly dissapointed that it’s almost over. My paintings are never finished. I’m hoping that this blog goes on forever.. he he my monotonous blatherings keeping people somewhat glued to thier computers at 3 am, with nothing better to do. I could not surmise that reading anything I write would be top priority for anyone yet here I am pecking away at these keys..
I digress. I will try to do is to keep you informed of my expeditions in the art world, not that they are far and reaching yet, but they might be in the future. Perhaps to keep working on your own pieces whatever they may be and let you on my creative process. Or maybe it’s to inform you of my own aha moments. My main goal though is to inspire those that read this.I want you to walk away from my words and start your own blogs, create your own art or whatever… I don’t care just as miss Madonnna would say, “Express yourself.”
I promise to throw in a few rants, a couple tantrums and stories about my kids, family and dogs, cause what kind of mom would I be if I didn’t go on about my Gerber babies…I’ll try not to discuss religon or politics…. try being the operative word….
With all that said, let the games begin… Hope to keep you inspired….